Making Plans Happen


Where To Go

Time is well on its way into the year. And, those fresh plans, goals, and resolutions have fallen off the list of to do’s like days on the calendar. The brain is buzzing, cueing itself to do something, but what?!

That was me at this time last year. Life Coach Carrie Lavin and I had gone on a walk and I had rattled off the list of all the “meaningful things” I wanted to do. Months later, nothing had actually materialized and achieved. I desired to become involved in something meaningful, still. However, I felt “rudderless” and didn’t know where to start.

To make this happen, Carrie and I connected as life coach and client to make sense of how to pull those ideas out of my head and into a plan.


May he give you the desire of your heart

and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4 NIV


The Journey Begins

Carrie didn’t fix my ideas. Instead, she stopped the dizzying effect of too many ideas swirling in my brain. We talked about what I wanted, hoped and planned to do. From those ideas, she helped me navigate the journey that I needed to embark on to make those plans happen.

Ideas were put on paper. Obstacles were sorted out with plans to navigate a way to break through them. Roads were laid down to move along to reach those goals. Needing to take my fixed mindset and craft it into a growth mindset: I began my journey to pursue my purpose rather than the checkmarks on my to do list.

While coaching me, Carrie massaged my habits from a fixed mindset – for me specifically, “avoiding challenges,” to a growth mindset – a “willingness to persevere” to overcome my gremlins. What were those gremlins for me?  The “I can’t do this because” voice in my head about the obstacles in my situation that stopped me from moving forward.

I learned a lot when I began to achieve my goals. Most importantly, adopting a habit system to achieve more goals down the road. Carrie’s coaching en[courage]d me to say out loud what I wanted to do and plan it. For me, a life coach gave me cheerleading and accountability. At times, my life coaching journey needs to be refined. Carrie and I connect and continue to this partnership to once again, put purpose in my plans.

TUG Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

Ahhhhh, the Comfort Zone.  Something each one of us is intimately familiar with. Like our favorite pair of pandemic sweatpants, it’s safe and warm.  It’s been easy for me, and I’m sure for you, to automatically put on those same sweatpants day after day.  Likewise, many of us have gotten stuck in the Comfort Zone.  Whether it’s binging a Netflix show (guilty) or scrolling through social media or isolating ourselves at home, there are better ways we can be spending our time. I can always tell when I’ve been spending too much time in the Comfort Zone.  I feel lonely, bored, unmotivated, and, as an old Aerosmith song so aptly puts it, “my get up and go must’ve got up and went.” Read more

Coaching During Covid




Coaching in ‘Normal’ Times

Coach Carrie and I have known each other for years, since our kids were in preschool together. One day, while on a walk, we talked about Carrie completing her life coaching certification and for me, as a stay at home mom, a sense of wanting to do “more” outside the home. From that conversation, we began a once a week coaching session. Carrie coached me to focus my ideas, created an action plan, identified “the gremlins,” and encouraged me to achieve my goals. This was the beginning of February 2020. Read more

The Coaching Journey Roadmap