Small Group Women’s Retreat

Gather your friends for a weekend Women’s Retreat
designed to give you Restoration and Transformation

Where do you find yourself at this moment in time?

A) Needing rest, recharge and refocus

B) Craving community and connection

C) Depleted mentally… spiritually… emotionally

D) Desiring growth and change

Get together with your girlfriends for a small group Women’s Retreat where we will provide the opportunity for:

E) All of the above

The Journey to Transformation

is part women’s retreat, part small group discussion, part straight-up Getaway. You will leave the weekend refreshed and armed with a plan for how to move forward into the purpose God has for your life.

  • It’s a space for you to find hope in sharing your stories, struggles and successes with other women in a safe, caring environment.
  • It’s a weekend for you to come, seek and find healthier ways to respond to the challenges of this life,
  • It’s an opportunity for you to consider the small changes or total transformation you desire for your life: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally.
  • It’s an escape from the everyday stresses of life in order refocus your mind, to move you toward your best self and what matters most.

The Journey to Transformation will help you cross the bridge from the old into the new.

Within the sacred space of a small group, you will receive en[courage]ment as you walk alongside others on the Journey. Wherever you are in life, you are likely two steps ahead or two steps behind someone else on the Journey. This is an opportunity to continue to grow and transform – yourself and others.

As your Transformation Coach on this Journey, I will help you create a personal plan for change and a strategy for execution. I will provide the tools, guidance, and accountability you will need to carry out your plan.