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TUG Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone Ahhhhh, the Comfort Zone.  Something each one of us is intimately familiar with. Like our favorite pair of pandemic sweatpants, it’s safe and warm.  It’s been easy for me, and I’m sure for you, to automatically put on those same sweatpants day after day.  Likewise, many of us have gotten stuck in […]

Self-Compassion this Christmas Season

With the overwhelm of the holiday season upon us, it’s really important to make time to take care of yourself. Self-Care is always a great idea, and you can find lots of self-care lists online. But, to me, those can sometimes feel like another “to-do” to add to my overloaded list. ??‍♀️ ? I still try my […]

Thanksgiving Thankfulness Turkey

  Meet Oops. This is our pre-Thanksgiving turkey that we stuff throughout the month of November with feathers. Each feather has written on it something that a member of our family is grateful for. Oops has been a beloved family tradition for the past nine years now; he’s been in the family longer than our […]

My Journey

My Journey to find God’s purpose for my life has not always gone according to my plan, but it has taken me on quite the adventure. From College Grad to Corporate Dropout I started my career in Human Resource Management but never thought that I would find it unfulfilling. I know how hopeless it feels […]