Coaching During Covid




Coaching in ‘Normal’ Times

Coach Carrie and I have known each other for years, since our kids were in preschool together. One day, while on a walk, we talked about Carrie completing her life coaching certification and for me, as a stay at home mom, a sense of wanting to do “more” outside the home. From that conversation, we began a once a week coaching session. Carrie coached me to focus my ideas, created an action plan, identified “the gremlins,” and encouraged me to achieve my goals. This was the beginning of February 2020.


COVID Stops Everything

And, then… Covid-19. And, the shelter in place quarantines and community and school shutdowns happened.

Now what?! While events unfolded, I realized that my personal life and its routines were changing along with the world’s. Meanwhile, Carrie and I continued to work with one another once a week. She helped me shift my goals and priorities to adjust to this new reality. Carrie encouraged me to not “give up” on my previous plan, but to create a new plan that worked for just this moment in time.


Coaching When Nothing was “Normal”

Each week, the night before our meeting, I filled out Carrie’s session prep form that she used to guide our coaching session. Completing the form clarified the things I wanted to do and get done. The very first question the prep form asked is, What have I accomplished since our last session? Yikes. I needed to think about what I wanted to do and now, I need to get something done! During Covid, some of the things to do, while stuck at home, seemed so elementary and basic, such as managing a daily routine. But considering I had nowhere to go, the coaching sessions challenged me to find ways to be productive and still work towards my goals.

The session prep form also asked a series of questions about accountability. Carrie wanted to know, Well, what did you get done this week? Carrie linked arms with me to help me get my plans DONE! A life coach held me accountable about the work I needed to do to set goals and create the habits to achieve and maintain them. Even when the landscape looked uncertain, Carrie worked with me to navigate the new road map.


Coaching Kept Me Sane in an Insane Time

Was a life coach helpful, and dare I say, necessary during this time? Yes! Carrie and I made plans that addressed the current quarantine situation(s) and used those plans to move forward as restrictions began to ease up. Carrie’s coaching strategy worked with, not against current circumstances. She focused me to keep thinking about and planning my goals. The regular weekly coaching sessions helped me weather a difficult time smoothly and kept me on task to put my pre-Covid plan back into action when ready to re-enter post-Covid life.