My Journey

My Journey to find God’s purpose for my life has not always gone according to my plan, but it has taken me on quite the adventure.

From College Grad to Corporate Dropout

I started my career in Human Resource Management but never thought that I would find it unfulfilling. I know how hopeless it feels to invest time and money into one career path, only to find that you’ve chosen the wrong one. But then… I experienced incredible growth and the courage to find new solutions for my life.

From Small-Town Midwest to Metro-Area Southwest

As a small town Midwestern girl, I never imagined moving out of state, much less moving six times within the first four years of my marriageI know how daunting and debilitating transitions can be, even transitions you’ve chosen.  But then… I learned how to embrace my lack of control and develop true faith.

From Perfectionist to Beautiful Mess

Motherhood was always part of my plan, and had always hoped I could be a Stay-at-Home-Mom. But, I never envisioned that I’d have twins, much less four kids in under five years. I was stunned by how utterly inadequate motherhood would make me feel. But then… I learned how to let go of my perfectionism, self-doubt, and fears. It’s made me the confident mom that I am today. 

From Dream Lost-and-Gone to Dream Come True

When I decided it was time to pursue my ambitions after my baby went to school, I never thought it would be as a Life Coach. Life Coaching was a dream that, years ago, I had tried, failed at, and considered myself completely unqualified for. But then… I realized that God’s timing is always perfect, and this was His plan and purpose for me. My Journey was training me for this all along.

My Journey has led me through paths of failure in order to teach me to reframe my concept of success.  It has led me to places of loneliness in order to help me search for authenticity and connectedness; through seasons of struggle and insecurity to help me develop self-compassion strategies to silence my inner critic, overcome my insecurities and embrace my true self. 

I want to help you do the same.

What has brought you here?  My Journey has inspired me to work with moms who have gotten sidetracked from their Tenacious, Ultimate Goals by the detours in their Journey.

Where do you want to go? I have been where you are, and I can provide the guidance and encouragement for you to get to your destination.  

Your life has purpose; your dreams are valuable. Your story is worth writing; it will be your legacy. It starts with a plan. Let’s do this! Let’s pursue our dreams, live out our purpose and create our legacy. Together.